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Arieh O’Sullivan

arieh osullivanArieh is a veteran Israeli journalist and registered tour guide, specializing in VIP tours of foreign officials, businesspeople and diplomats. Among his clients have been UN ambassadors, US Mayors, Democratic and Republican leaders, Scholars and Journalists, as well as families and individuals.

Arieh is a well-known journalist in Israel as an anchor for Israel’s English TV news as well as long-time defense correspondent for The Jerusalem Post. He appears regularly as a tour guide on I24’s Holy Land Uncovered. In 2002-3 he was appointed as a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University and in 2012 a Hoover Institution Media Fellow.

arieh osullivanArieh’s background as a journalist covering Israel and the Middle East has given him insight, knowledge and stories that very few would be privy to. And he uses this to enhance his guiding and try to make it as fascinating, entertaining and enjoyable as possible.

Tours by Arieh O’Sullivan:

Geo-Political tour of Jerusalem

Mount of olives tourJerusalem is a microcosm of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The tectonic plate between the west and east meets here and we will examine the seam line that runs in the city, hear the narratives of both sides for an in depth look at the 7/11 of holy sites – such as Rachel’s Tomb  and the grave of Simon the Just – and political adventure and frustration such as the E1 sector and the Jewish and Muslim ring neighborhoods.

We’ll be visiting the realities on the ground that impact on conflict resolution that envisions both a two state solution and an undivided Jerusalem, even if there are glass walls running all through the city, which is also behind a very visible barrier. The tour will give an historical and political perspective to help understand why Jerusalem is so central and intuitively complicated.


Geo-Political Tour Around Gaza

border of gaza tour netiv ha-asara

This tour will include visiting a border kibbutz (Netiv Ha’asarah ), and meeting them to hear how life is under the Hamas terror. It will be followed with a visit to the city of Sderot  for falafel lunch and meet the locals as well as a briefing at the Black Arrow or other border sites. If possible, the tour will also include a visit to Kerem Shalom crossing.


Geo-Political Tour In the North

golan heights tourA briefing either at Mt. Avital on Golan or Mt. Adir in Galilee, about Hezbollah and Iran and Syria, followed with a visit to a kibbutz on the golan (and winery!) and aDruze  village. If Possible, the tour will also include a visit of wounded Syrians being treated in Ziv Hostpital in Safed / Tsfat  .

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Arieh’s report on Beer Sheva under rockets attack from Gaza in 2012: