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Dr. Oren Gutfeld


Dr. Oren Gutfeld is a colleague and a friend for many years, from my days as an archaeology student at the Hebrew University.

Oren has participated and led many important digs across the country: He assisted Prof. E. Netzer in his digs in Jericho; He participated in digs at Tiberias; He discovered an ancient synagogue in Sepphoris; and led the excavaitons at the  Hyrcania Secret TunnelKhirbet Beit Loya / Beit Lehi, Herodium, and in the Jewish Quarter.

Oren is also a licensed tour guide, and so, like me, he combines his passion to archaeology with tourism, and provides a unique touring experience. 

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Dr. Oren Gutfeld presenting his digs in Khirbet Beit Lehi