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Racheli Kreisberg


Racheli Kreisberg,  Ph.D., organizes guided tours aimed at exploring selected industries in Israel and to get a deeper understanding of the key success factors that define us as a Nation of Innovation.

In addition, Dr. Kreisberg organizes tours by professional multi-lingual guides, authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, to show you the beauty of Israel.

Dr. Kreisberg also specializes in “Geneology Tours“:

Your upcoming visit to Israel is a wonderful opportunity to link genealogy research to sites in Israel where your ancestors may have been born, lived and been interned

Dr. Kreisberg offers customized genealogy excursions to the:

  • burial places of your loved ones
  • memorials commemorating them in Israel
  • archives

The tour can also include a tourist attraction in the vicinity of the sites visited.

In addition, Dr. Kreisberg offers a unique Simon Wiesenthal Heritage (SWH) Tour in Israel:

The Simon Wiesenthal Heritage tour is aimed at commemorating the late Simon Wiesenthal and his heritage “Seeking Justice not Revenge” through debating and experiencing.


The SWH program

The program offers sightseeing of Israel’s sites related to Simon Wiesenthal:

  • Holon – Buczacz Memorial (SW hometown in Galicia)
  • Jerusalem
    • Yad Vashem”  (focus on SW family loss in the Shoah and on the SW Nazi Hunter archive)
    • Gerard Bachar Center – Simon Wiesenthal and his share in the capture of Adolf Eichmann
    • The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem (ongoing efforts in East Europe, debating Justice vs Revenge
    • The SW Museum of Tolerance
  • Yaar Hakedoshim
    • The Simon Wiesenthal Path of KKL in memory of SW 10th anniversary of passing
    • The Anne Frank Monument  (SW search for the policemen who arrested Anne Frank family and combat against Holocaust denial)
    • Visit of the “Scroll of Fire” Monument 
  • Herzelia – paying last respect to Simon Wiesenthal at his grave



The SWH Program organizer and tourguide

The program is developed and organized by Dr. Racheli Kreisberg-Greenblatt, Simon Wiesenthal’s granddaughter and authorized tourguide.

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