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Yehuda Liebenson

Yehuda Liebenson was born in the former USSR and grew up in the USA. Yehuda is a student of cultures and has a BA in Anthropology.

He made Aliyah in 2010 and served in the IDF. Yehuda’s multi-cultural background gives him a unique perspective on people and cultures. Yehuda knows the paths whether a tourist wants to explore nature, follow in the footsteps of Jesus or meet the different ethnic groups of Israel. Yehuda lives near Jerusalem with his wife and three children.

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Dear Ms. Dikla D.,..  Yehuda Liebenson.. was very knowledgeable about Israel and the touring sites. He always gave us detailed information about the history, archeological and biblical places.

Not only he’s very knowledgeable but also has a kind and warm personality which made us feel very comfortable in asking any type of questions throughout our stay.


Lala W.