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Nahal Amud (In Hebrew: Stream of the Pillar) is a 15-mile long brook in the eastern Galilee. It starts around Mount Meiron, passes by Safed, and ends by the Sea of Galilee. The stream is named after a natural pillar along its path. It is also known for prehistorical caves, near the pillar, where evidence for early forms of Homo Sapiens were uncovered.

Hiking in Nahal Amud

Declared as a nature reserve in 1972, Nahal Amud offers several pleasant hikes in the lush green natural vegetation, and occasional pools of water. It is especially recommended to dip in Ein Yatim and Sechvi pools. Along the hike are some beautiful lookouts, as well as an old water powered flourmill, fouling mill, and a British period police station building.

A hike along Nahal Amud can be combined with a guided day tour of the Galilee.

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