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Nakash-Eisenberg tour plan, October 2017

Oct 12 (THUR)

15:00 BA165 – Arrival, WELCOME TO ISRAEL!.

After collecting the luggage,  we head straight to Jerusalem and greet the Holy City with a “SEHEHYANU” from Mount of Olives Viewpoint .

  • Dinner: 20:30 – Satya ()
  • Guide: Danny “the Digger” Herman

O/N: King David Hotel, Jerusalem (renovated rooms of the 5-6 floors. King size beds. Looking the Old city)


Oct 13 (FRI)

We start with a visit to the Jewish Quarter , and its finds, such as the  Cardo .

We continue to King David’s Tomb Mark on Mount Zion , and then reach the Western wall  , where we can also experience the Virtual Tour of the Second Temple  .

We pass by  the Southern Wall Archaeological Park   and Davidson Center , and have a quick review of the  City of David  .

For lunch we head to the Mahane Yehudah Market    where we can have a tasting menu or a chef meal at Mahaneyudah restaurant.

After lunch we go for a stroll in the market, and drive along the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities at Mea Shearim .

O/N: King David Hotel, Jerusalem


Oct 14 (SAT)

This day will be devoted to the region of the Dead Sea: We will see where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found (Qumran ), drive by Ein Gedi , visit the famous stronghold of Masada  , and of course – go for a swim at the Dead Sea , and a possible camel ride!

  • Lunch: Herod’s Dead Sea Hotel
  • Dinner: 20:15 Adom ()
  • Guide: Danny “the Digger” Herman

O/N: King David Hotel, Jerusalem


Oct 15 (SUN)

Checking out, we head for two nights in the north. Our main stop will be Caesarea  , where we will review the highlights of this ancient metropolis, such as the aqueduct, the PortHerods Palace, and the Theatre.

For lunch we will go to one of the Druze  villages, to experience an ethnic Arab like cuisine. Arriving not too late, you can enjoy the spa facilities of the hotel, and order a massage.

  • Lunch: Druze Restaurant Andarin.
  • Dinner: Mizpe Hayamim Organic farm
  • Guide: Danny “the Digger” Herman

O/N: Mizpe Hayamim Spa Resort


Oct 16 (MON)

Exploring the Golan Heights  we first ascend to the top of Mt. Bental   and then go for an ATV tour along the Syrian Border .

We can have lunch in a kibbuts, or next to the “Golan Magic” Visitors Center , and after perhaps sample the local wine at the Golan Heights Winery.

If time and will permits, we can also go for view and review of Gamla , where some 2000 Jews battled for their lives against the Romans.

  • Lunch:  Havat Habokrim in Kibbutz in the Golan Heights
  • Dinner: 19:30  Muscat ()
  • Guide: Danny “the Digger” Herman

O/N: Mizpe Hayamim Spa Resort


Oct 17 (TUE)

Heading to Tel-Aviv we will make two main stops on the way – at former Kabbalah center Safed  , and at ancient Rabbinical center and necropolis of Beth Shearim .

If time and will permits we will also stop at Haifa to review the Bahaian Terraced Gardens .

  • Lunch: Limousin ()
  • Dinner: 20:00 Dallal
  • Guide: Danny “the Digger” Herman

O/N: David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel-Aviv


Oct 18 (WED)

Our day will start with a stroll in the alleys of the Jaffa , and passing by Neve Tzedek , we will reach Rothschild Boulevard , where we will visit the significant historical site where the State of Israel was created –  Independence Hall .

We later continue to Sarona  and have lunch in its food market, and later contiue to  Rabin Assassination site , and the  Palmach Museum .

  • Lunch: Sarona  Food Market
  • Dinner: 20:00  Messa ()
  • Guide: Danny “the Digger” Herman

O/N: David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel-Aviv


Oct 19 (THUR)

Heading to Eilat, we have a long drive today, but we will make one main stop at the Ramon Crater , and appreciate the Ramon Crater Visitors Center .

In the Afternoon we will reach Eilat, check-in, and fresh our selves before dinner.

O/N: Dan Eilat


Oct 20 (FRI)

This day is going to be a relaxed day at the hotel, possibly exploring the Eilat Underwater Observatory , and Diving    in the Red Sea.

  • Lunch: during the sail, or at the diving site.
  • Dinner: 19:30 La Cucina ().
  • Guide: Danny “the Digger” Herman

O/N: Dan Eilat


Oct 21 (SAT)

Crossing the border in the morning, you will meet your Jordanian guide and driver who will take you for a full day tour of the fantastic site of Petra .

On the way back, if time permits, you will have a quick tour of Aqaba  before returning to Eilat.

  • Lunch: Wadi Rum
  • Dinner: 20:00 The Last refuge ()
  • Guide: JIT tours
  • Cost: $552 per person, Total $2208

O/N: Dan Eilat


Oct 22 (SUN)

The mornign of the last day in Eilat will be devoted to an off-road Jeep tour to the mountains in Eilat.

At noon you will reach Eilat’s airport to fly to Tel-Aviv, and enjoy a “last supper” experience before flying back home 🙂

O/N: The Norman hotel, Tel-Aviv


Oct 23 (MON)

4:00 transfer to the Airport.

7:45 BA165 – Departure.