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New Excavations under a synagogue in the Jewish Quarter

hurvah syn

Following the “Six Days War”, the Jewish quarter was excavated on a large scale in the 1970’s, beofre being rebuilt.

Recently budgets were provided to re-build one of the synagogues destroyed in the 1948 war, and upon a recent visit to the site I was happy to see my friend and colleague, Dr. Oren Gutfeld, directing a salvage excavation at the base of the ruined synagogue, before its reconstruction.

With pride Oren presented to me a wealth of pottery shards, some of nearly complete vessels, most of which were from Classical periods.


The finds range from Muslim Mamluk times (13th-15th century CE) to the Judaic First Temple period (10th-6th Century BCE), and at some places Oren’s team reached bedrock.

But what will be the fate of all of these finds? In the nearby Hurvah Synagogue  a good job was job was done to present the ancient finds made in its sbasemment. 

I only hope a similar attitude will be towards presenting the finds made beneath the “Tiferet Israel” Synagogue.