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One Day Tours

IL01: Jerusalem Highlights

We start the day  at the  Mount of Olives viewpoint  for a view and a review of the city’s history. Next we descend to the Garden of Gethsemane , and crossing the kidron valley we enter the Old City  and join the “Via Dolorosa” ,  walking through the streets of the old city up to the  Holy Sepulchre  . After a lunch + possible shopping break in the market of the Old City , we continue to the Jewish Quarter  and appreciate its synagogues and archaeological finds, including a visit to the Western wall  . If there is time and desire,  we can also go to a view towards Bethlehem  from

IL03: Masada and the Dead Sea

Today we are headed to one of the hottest region in the Israel – the shores of the Dead Sea. Driving to its southern part we first visit the famous site of Masada  , and appreciate its fantastic story and archaeological remains. We then continue to Ein-Gedi , with an optional hike to its waterfalls. Combining a lunch break + an optional visit to AHAVA factory store  (Dead Sea Cosmetics company), we end with a bath at the Dead Sea  itself. Feeling younger and happier, we head back. If time and permits we could also visit, on the way back, the site of the

IL04: Holy Christian Sites in the Galilee

Heading towards Nazareth , we first visit Church of Annunciation  and  stroll along the local city market up to S. Gabriel church  . Nearby we can visit the “Wedding church” in Cana , and then head towards the Sea of Galilee and stop for a lunch in one of the fish restaurants. Happily fed we can continue to visit Capernaum  and the nearby Mt. of Beatitudes  and\or Tabgha, site of the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and fishes  as well as Peter’s Primacy church . If time permits, we can also stop at  ”Yardenit“  for a baptism ceremony at the Jordan river , or ascend to the top of Mount Tabor  and visit the Catholic

Nabatean sites along the Spice routes in the Negev

A southern exposure to antiquities of the Negev at the time of the Nabatean. Sites included in the tour: Mamshit (ancient, Mampsis), Avdat, Shivta, and Nessana. Optional extension of the excursion by a Jeep trip along the Incense rout through the Ramon Crater, and a visit to the forgotten site of Ruheibah and Halutzah. Optional night accommodation in a Beduin tent, and riding a camel. Cost: Starting at $650.

New – To the City of David and the Southern Wall Archaeological Park

The recently opened ancient sewage system under the City of David enables a new tour in Jerusalem, mostly underground! We start with a panoramic view of the City of David and the Arab village of Silwan, and then join a 3D presentation film about the City of David in Biblical times. We then explore the new finds that may relate to the remains of the Palace of David, and proceed to the underground water system of Canaanite and Israelite times. Descending Warren’s shaft, we reach the Gihon spring and walk along the Canaanite “dry” tunnel, or through the “wet” Hezekiah’s

NEW! – To the Temple Mount of Jerusalem

A special visit to the holiest mountain in the world – The  TEMPLE MOUNT . Such a tour requires special arrangements and can only be done early in the morning. Contact me for more details!

To ancient Jewish holy sites in the Hebron Mountains

An unforgettable experience of a visit to the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, and the remains of the Canaanite city in Tel el Rumeidha. Further south, a visit to the remains of Ancient Jewish synagogues in Susya and kh. Maon. cost: From Jerusalem:  $600 From Tel-Aviv: $650