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Osnat Group Tour, May 2020

May 3 (SUN)

western wall  Our first day of the tour will start with an early visit to the Holiest Christian site in the world – Church of the Holy Sepulchre  . Later we will stoll in the local market (Suq ), and walk along the “Stations of the cross” (Via Dolorosa ), to the Western wall   and the Jewish Quarter 

After the lunch break we head to Western Jerusalem and review the highlight of the Israel Museum  .

20:30 Dinner  at Mahane Yudah Restaurant

O/N: Orient Hotel, Jerusalem.


May 4 (MON)

tour to the tmeple mount

An early start (7:30) will enable a visit to the Temple Mount , appreciating the current Muslim architecture at the site, we will also examine the rare remains of the Jewish Temple period on the Temple Mount  .

We then return to the bus and drive along Mea Shearim  and learn about the Ultra-Orthodox and their unique conservative life style. We continue to  Mahane Yehudah Market  , where we can also have lunch, and later head to the National Memorial and institution in memory of the Holocaust – “Yad Vashem”  where we have a private guided tour.  

19:30 – Dinner with chef Atalya at Ein-Karem.

O/N: Orient Hotel, Jerusalem.


May 5 (TUE)

dead sea scrolls Checking out and heading to the region of the Dead Sea  we first visit the site where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered – Qumran  . We then head to the hotel located in Kibbutz Ein Gedi  famed also for its unique Botanical Gardens , and thoses who wish can go for a swim at the Dead Sea .

At 17:00 we are set for a Sailing experience on the Dead Sea 

O/N: Ein-Gedi Guest House


May 6 (WED) 

tour to masada

An early start will get us to Masada   before the heat and the crowds, and those who wish can leave earlier to hike by foot to the top of summit (!). We could then drive back to the hotel for breakfast, and after check-out we head up north, stopping at the Baptism site (qasr el-Yahud)   on the way, and upon reaching the Sea of Galilee we visit the significant Holy Christian sites by the Sea of Galilee – Capernaum  , and Mount of Beatitudes .

O/N: Mizpe hayamim Spa Hotel


May 7 (THUR)

golan heights bental This day is devoted to exploring the Golan Heights. We start with a drive to the top of Mt. Bental   for a stunning panoramic view, including into Syria, and review the unique Geo Political history of this region. Next we buckle up for an ATV tour along the Syrian Border , ending in a Druze village where we have a special Druze  lunch experience at a private home of the Naseeba Samara, perhaps the first Druze Feminist!.. We end the day with a drive along the northern border of Israel, possibly visiting Caesarea Philippi (Banias) .

O/N: Mizpe hayamim Spa Hotel


May 8 (FRI) 

nazareth church of annunciationHeading towards Tel-Aviv, we possibly stop at the site of the “First Miracle” of Jesus – Cana   followed by a visit to his hometown – Nazareth  . Strolling in the local market, and admiring the special size and design of the Church of Annunciation , we also have lunch at the best kebab place in Israel – Diana restaurant :-).

Next we pass by the plains of “Armageddon” and the Biblical site of Megiddo , and explore the ruins of the ancient Metropolis Caesarea  , which has just opened a new Visitors Center. In the afternoon we reach Tel-Aviv and if time and will permits we experience the Unique atmoshphere of Friday Afternoon at the local Flea Market  .


O/N: Rothschild 65 Hotel, Tel-Aviv


May 9 (SAT) 

jaffa private tour Our weekend in Tel-Aviv   will start with a walk in the alleys of ancient Jaffa , combining an appreciation of Ottoman era architecture, Archaeological finds, and local art galleries (this can also be done on wheels as – Jaffa on Segways ).

tel aviv tour rothschild boulevardNext we drive through Neve Tzedek  to the heart of the Tel-Aviv, at Rothschild Boulevard , where we will learn about the declaration of the state of Israel at Independence Hall .  After a lunch break we review Rabin Assassination site , and tour the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art .

O/N: Rothschild 65 Hotel, Tel-Aviv


May 10 (SUN) 

carmel market bbq

Your last day in Tel-Aviv can defined as a free day, or set a Culinary tour of the local markets, and possibly combine it with a Cooking Workshop 

Bon Apetit!

22:00 – Transfer to the Airport (T.B.D.)