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Michael Ostermann – Private Tour Guide

ostermannMichael Ostermann is an esteemed veteran tour guide who specializes in leading Jewish and Christian groups through the captivating Land of the Bible. Through his extensive studies and firsthand experience, he has emerged as an expert on Israel’s three religions and possesses profound knowledge about daily life in the 1st century CE and the Second Temple periods.

Born in Copenhagen, Michael’s family relocated to Israel during his early years, and he grew up embracing English, Hebrew, and Danish. He pursued his education in Jerusalem and later served in the elite paratroop unit of the Israel Defense Forces. Following his military service, he furthered his academic pursuits with graduate and post-graduate studies in the United States. With his background as the son of a restoration expert who worked at the Temple Mount, he was naturally drawn to Jerusalem’s vibrant tapestry of colors and flavors, as well as its enchanting, albeit awe-inspiring, ambiance.

Today, Michael is a licensed tour guide, and he infuses every guided experience with his unwavering passion for this land, its rich history, and its diverse people. Fluent in both English and Hebrew, Michael specializes in providing personalized tours such as private tours, family tours, Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours, VIP business visits, and tailor-made tours for individuals. Whether you’re exploring historical sites or delving into the sacred heritage of Israel, Michael’s expertise and enthusiasm will undoubtedly enhance your journey.

We spent 5 full days with Michael in Israel. Amazing guide and an incredible time had by all visiting the holy lands. Michael listened to our interests and catered our trip to that and our personalities to make it a great fit for us. He did a great job at accommodating everyone, managing traffic and guiding us through the sites that were important to our group. Would highly recommend.

Ryan H., USA (from Tripadvisor)

I came back from Israel after having Michael as our guide for a week. I’m amazed at how knowledgeable he is about the historical, biblical and political sides of the places we visited. I feel I have a whole new view of the Holy Land now and I’m very thankful for this. You can feel Michael’s passion for what he does, and the human side & patience he shows answering all questions and exchanging opinions… Michael is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! 1000% recommended.

Marie H., Costa Rica (from Tripadvisor)

I can definitely recommend touring with Michael… The Bible came to life during the trip, by visiting ancient sites, reading out of the Bible, talking to different people along the way and stopping to taste local food (My descriptive words pale in comparison to our trip.) Michael is very professional, caring and attentive.

Hans., F. Germany (from Tripadvisor)

Michael is so very knowledgeable about his country. We read from the Bible to bring life to where we were standing! The BEST! We would come back to Israel just to have Michael share with us more history of Israel!!

Debbie B., USA (from Tripadvisor)

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