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Wadi Rum and Petra

In cooperation with “Jordan Inspiration Tours” I am happy and proud to announce a new type of tour option – two unfortable days of touring Southern Jordan!

Day 1 

Crossing into Jordan at “Rabin Terminal” (where in 1994 Y. Rabin and King Hussein signed an historical peace agreement, ending years of hostility and wars), a representative of JIT will be waiting for you, with a comfortable tourism van. The first stop will be Aqaba , where you will be introduced to the long and rich history of this city bordering the northern end of the “Gulf of Aqaba.

Next you will drive into the desert along the Biblical “Kings highway, and into the nature reserve of Wadi Rum  . After a Bedouin light lunch break you will join Bedouins driving their popular off-road Toyotas into and along the sand dunes of the unique rock formations of Wadi Rum  .

In the afternoon you will return to the car, and complete the journey to Petra, to check-in, shower, have dinner, and prepare for the specail Petra Night Tour  . The experience entail a walk of about  2 km to the famous “Khazneh along the “Siq” , and the show is mostly Bedouin foloklore music, but the candles illuminated ancient Nabatean shrine is a SPECTACULAR view.

Day 2

After breakfast you will head again into Petra, but this time seeing and appreciating the monuments along the “Siq” , as well as the”Khazneh during the day. In the city itself you will be introduced to its different public buildings, monuments and tombs. If time and will permit you can also hike to Ad Deir  and \ or Little Petra .

In the afternoon you will start heading back to “Rabin Terminal”, to return to Israel.