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Private Tour of Archaeology in Northern Israel, June 2015

June 1 (MON)

sepphoris-18:30 Departure from Jerusalem.

10:30 Tour of Sepphoris  with Rona Evyasaf and her experience as a field director at the site for 12 years.

13:30 Lunch at Limousin, Ramat Yishai.

14:30 Review of the new Excavations at Beth-Shearim with Rona Evyasaf and Dr. Adi Erlich (expedition directors).

16:00 Visit Tulip Winery.

18:30 Dinner at a Druze  restaurant on the Carmel.

O/N: Mizpe Hayamim Hotel.

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June 2 (TUES)

sussita9:00 Tour of Sussita  with excavations director Dr. Michael Eisenberg

12:30 lunch at Habokrim, and visit Mt. Bental  .

15:00 Visit Bahat Winery.

16:30 Tour of Umm el-Kanatir  with excavations director  Dr. Haim ben David.

O/N: Mizpe Hayamim.

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June 3 (WED)

gamla scorpio9:30 Tour of Gamla  with Dr. Danny Syon, numismatist and former director Gamla excavations. Danny will also present his new monograph: “Small Change in Hellenistic-Roman Galilee: The Evidence from Numismatic Site Finds as a Tool for Historical Reconstruction“.

Review the recent excavations at Ancient Tiberias .

13:30 Lunch at Decks, Tiberias.

16:30 Review Magdala  excavations with director Dr. Marcela Zapata Meza

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