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Private Tour to Beit-Shean and Megiddo

Inhabited since Neolithic times, Beit She’an  is mentioned in the battles of Saul vs. the Philistines, and again in the New Testament as a member of the Decapolis. The city was destroyed in a devastating earth quake in 749 CE, yet many parts of the city the center are now exposed again.

beit shean nympheaumIts main attractions include an impressive theatre and a set of bathouses, a main commercial street (with possible evidence of a brothel..), foundations of several Roman Temples, and a mound with significant remains from Canaanite, Egyptian, and Israelite Periods.

Next we drive to Megiddo  , which like Beit-Shean was a major city in antiquity, and proved to bear 25 succesive layers of human use, till its abandonment in Persaian period. Megiddo is also significant by Christian tradition as “Armageddon”, site of the battle at the end times (Rev. 16:16).

Book a Private Tour to Beit-Shean and Megiddo

The cost of the private tour + transportation starts at USD$800. Contact me for more details and booking a tour:

Presenting Beit-Shean to “The Watchman”, 2018

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