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Private Tour to Caesarea and Nazareth

caesarea tourFounded some 2000 years ago as a Roman Metropolis, Caesarea   is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Israel.

caesarea ampitheatreIts rich finds include impressive remains of its ancient Port  (and its archaeological Display ),  a Nymphaeum , a new museum, a Crusaders Gate , the Byzantine “Praetoriuma Bathouse  a “Hippo-Stadiuma Latrine an Herodian Palace  (including possible site of Paul’s Prison ), and an impressive Theatre .

nazareth church of annunciationOn the way out we could also stop for a view of the aqueduct , and then heaad to Nazareth  . After a possible lunch break we will first visit the Catholic Church of Annunciation  (Luke 1), and its nearby Saint Joseph Church Strolling through the Market we visit the Synagogue church   (Luke 4), and up to “Mary’s Well” , and Saint Gabriel church , and possibly drive to see Mount Precipice .

If time and will permits, on the way back we could visit also the ruins of Biblical Megiddo  , which by Christian tradition is “Armageddon”, site of the final battle at the end of times (Revelation 16:16).

Book a Private Tour to Caesarea and Nazareth

The cost of a private tour to Caesarea and Nazareth + transportation starts at USD$800. Contact me for more details and booking a tour:

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