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Herodium (Hebrew: “Herodion”) was a fortified palace built by King Herod “the Great”, and named after him.  It eventually it also became his burial site. Later Jewish rebels hid and used the site, and in Byzantine times it developed as a monastic complex. In 2007 Prof. Ehud Netzer wikipedia s announced on the discovery of Herod’s tomb at the site.  

Herodium herodion

I am among those suggesting Herod’s tomb is still to be found.  In 2014 I raised $25,000 for a new research for Herod’s tomb, but to my great dissapointment the grant was rejected by the expedition.

I still believe that Herod’s tomb is yet to be found, and hope that some day research will be done at the alternative site I propose.

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Herodium is in the West Bank, about 10 km SE of Bethlehem . it is a 30 minutes drive from Jerusalem, and takes about 2 hours to explore.

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Presenting Herodium to “The Watchman”, 2019

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(2/2019) Ring of Pilatus found in Herodium?

In 1969 Prof. G. Foerester of the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University conducted archaeological excavations at Herodium / Herodion, a fortified desert palace complex built by King Herod in the first century and named after him. Among the hundreds of artifacts uncovered in these excavations was a copper alloy sealing ring left in a destruction layer of the site that dates to year 71 CE and attributed to the Roman conquest of the site. The finds were all stored at the Hebrew University, yet recently the ring was cleaned and re-examined, and proved to bear an image of