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ATV Tours in Israel

ATV Jordan river

Even if you have toured Israel in the past, having an ATV tour is a totally different experience. With an ATV the tour starts where the paved road ends, and the views and sites you reach are truly amazing. Whether it’s the border with Syria, the desert trails of the Ramon Crater, the hidden gems of the Shefelah, the sand dunes of Wadi Rum, or the top of Judea mountain ridge in Gush Ezion, these extreme off-road vehicles are sure to provide an unforgettable tour experience.

  • All drivers must present a valid driving license and passport.
  • An ATV tour is especially recommended in the winter and spring, when the drive includes passages over streams and mud puddles.

Below are a few suggested routes:

  • Please that we are NOT an off-road tour agency. We offer full day private tours, and we can combine a 2-4 hours ATV rides in the tour.

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