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Helicopter Flight in Israel

helicopter flight israelScenic Helicopter flights are the most extreme and fun way to tour Israel!.
Fly above Jerusalem, through the Judean Desert to Masadaover the coast or to the Golan Heights, or to many more possible destinations!. 

Book a Private Helicopter Scenic Flight

Helicopter flights can be done in a wide range of ways, and with helicopters of various sizes. Contact me for a proposal of a Helicopter Scenic Flight.

A presentation of a helicopter flight from Tel-Aviv to Masada

Available Helicopter models
Helicpter flight israel r44R44 (Robinson): 3 passangers seats,  with or with out A/C.
Helicopter flight israel bel 206Bel 206 (“Sayfan”): 4 passangers seates, with or with out A/C.
Helicopter flight israel bel 206 long rangerBel 206 Long ranger (“Sayfanit”): 5 passangers seat, A/C.
eurocpter israel helicopter flightsAirbus Eurocopter: 5/6 Passangers seats, A/C.
eurocopter israel flightsAirbus Eurocopter Double Engine: 6 passangers seats, A/C.
Helicopter flight israel bk117Bk 117: 7 Passangers seats, (no A/C).
bel 429 helicopter flights israelBel 429, Double Engine: 7 Passangers seats, A/C.
sikorsky76 helicopter flight israelSikorsky 76, Double Enginge and 2 pilots: 10 passangers seats, A/C.

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