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Jeep Tour in the Judean Desert

If you are tired of tours of asphalt and paved roads, this tour is for you!. Departing from Jerusalem, we head to Deir Hajla /Gerasimus Monastery  one of many Christian monasteries that flourished in the Judean Desert in the Byzantine period.  We continue along a dirt trail to the ancient monastic cells at of the Laura of Gerasimus , and then connect to the Israeli border patrol road, where we can see the ancient Baptism site (el-Maghtas) (qasr el-Yahud)  and visit the historical site of the Dead Sea works next to the Dead Sea .

After a quick coffee break we continue to view of the caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls wikipedia s were found (near Qumran  ), and then asend in dirt roads into the Hyrcania valley where we can visit Nabi Musa , and navigate to the Hyrcania Secret Tunnel .

We then pave our way along the desert trails up to the famous viewpoint of Mar Saba Monastery , where we have a lunch break with some cold beer (best place in the world for beer!!! wait and see!! 🙂 ).

After some rest we continue climbing to the highest viewpoint in the Judean Desert, in Jabel Muntar – Biblical Azazel , and then navigate our way to Monastery of Euthymius   and paved roads. 

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We end the day with a visit to the impressive remains of a Crusaders fort near the Good Samaritan Inn  , and if time permits, on out way back we can greet Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives Viewpoint .

This will be one of the most unforgetable tours you ever had in Israel! promise!!

Book a Private Jeep Tour to the Judean Desert

The cost of a private Jeep tour to Judean Deseert starts at USD$750. Contact me for more details and booking a tour:

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