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caesarea segway tour

On the turn of the 21st century inventor Dean Kamen introduced a new vehicle that operates one an innovative self-balancing technology. Known as Segway, this electric personal transporter. One of its most popular implication was in tourism. Today, almost every touristic city also offers Segway tours, and Israel is no exception.

Exploring any destination on this device is both exciting and fun. Unlike walking tour, with a Segway you can cover a much longer area, and you do not tire at all. Your guide leads you throughout the tour, providing explanations, and ensuring your comfort and safety at all times.

How to Ride the Segway

Driving the Segway is easier then riding a bike. Even if you’ve never driven one before, after a few minutes you will find yourself trusting and enjoying its innovative technology. Motion detectors ensure the machine’s balance, and a gentle lean forward is all it takes to get to move ahead, while leaning back will stop it.

Setting a Segway Tour in a Full Day Tour

Several operators offer Segway tours at different locations: Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Zichorn, Caesarea, and more. Such a tour can be combined in one of day tours, to diverse the tour experience. It is an easy, fun, and exciting new way of touring, also in the Holy Land!

Please note that we only offer a Segway tour as part of a full day private tour, starting at $800 (for up to 5 participants).

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