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Thank you for choosing to tour in Israel with “Danny the Digger” 🙂 .

And here is a short quiz to check if you have been listening to ALL my explanations.. Enjoy..

Question #1: What are the three holiest sites in Jerusalem?

Answer: Dome of the Rock , Holy Sepulchre  , and the Western wall  .

Unfortunately my favorite hummus place is not recognized by the rest of the world as a holy place, but I sure make a pilgrimage to it whenever I can..  

Question#2: What Kind of Religion did Homer Simpson try to establish in Jerusalem?

Answer: “Peace and Chicken”!

Question#3: What is the favorite smell of the God of the Jews?

Answer: Barbecue!

Leviticus 1 9:..a burnt offering, a food offering, an aroma pleasing to the Lord.

Question#4: How many times has Jerusalem been battled over in Human documented history? 

Answer: More then any other city in the world!.

And ironically its original name (“Yerushalaim”) probably meant – City of Peace.. Go Figure..

Question#5: What kind of trees are still quite common on Mount of Olives 

  Answer: Hello… read the question again..  😉

Question#6: If Jaffa Gate  leads to Jaffa, and Damascus Gate  leads to Damascus, does the Dung gate leads to dung? 

Answer: Yes!, at least it did in the past. It was the main dump site of the city in the middle ages. 

Question#7: How long was the Six Days war? 

Answer: Actually it ended after 8 days, but the conquest of the Hermon on June 12th is usually not counted in. 

Question#8: How many stations are there in the “Stations of the Cross

Answer: Fourtheen Station,  but only 7 of are really mentioned in the New Testament. The other 7 are Catholic traditions. 

Question#9: Where is the REAL old City of Jerusalem? 

Answer: OUTSIDE the old city of Jerusalem (the “City of David  “).


Question#10: Which dome is bigger? The dome over the tomb of Jesus at the Holy Sepulchre  ? or the Dome of the Muslim Dome of the Rock 

Asnwer:  They are actually the same size!. The Muslim wanted to demonstrate that they could build a building of the same size as the Christians, yet with its Golden cover Dome of the Rock  actually looks bigger. 

Question#11: Was Muhamad ever in Jerusalem according to the Quran? Is Jerusalem mentioned at all in the Quran?

Answer No and no.

Question#12: Has the ladder over the entry to the Holy Sepulchre   ever been moved ?

 Ansewr: Actually it was mover once! In February 2009. And I was the only one to notice and publish this

Question#13: Who has the keys to the holiest Christian site in the world (The Holy Sepulchre  )? 

Answer: A Muslim.

Question#14: How much does it cost to be buried on Mount of Olives?

Answer: A lot!, and yet still people are dying to get in!.

Ah…. 🙂

Question#15: And how much does it cost to look around in a souvenir shop in the old city. 

Answer: “Please come inside. No charge for looking!”

So? How did you score??

If less the 15 of 15, you may want to book the tour again.. 🙂

But have you enjoyed the tour?

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