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Danny The Digger - Israel Private Tours

Rev. Ian A., USA

Dear Anne Barasso,

Sorry to take so long to reply.  Overwhelmed at the moment and I’m sure that happens sometimes at BAS.  I would like to give this the time it deserves but I better get this off while I can.  IT WAS GREAT!  Would I take the trip again?  Yes and I hope to travel with Danny Herman again.

Three things made this trip special:  BAS, Danny Herman, and my fellow pilgrims.  BAS opened doors at many places.  The welcome we got was just remarkable.  Other readers of BAR were excited to see us and show us what they were doing.  Danny Herman opened doors and introduced us to folks we would not otherwise met.  I also learned from my fellow travelers.  I am an evangelical Christian and I am so glad that I did NOT go with just my own kind.  I wanted to see from different eyes.


The trip was my 65 birthday gift to my self.  I hope to take another BAS trip soon, perhaps to Turkey.  For my 70th, I want to walk Joshua’s route and hope to get Danny Herman to help.  Keep him.  He’s great.

Thanks and as we say here, may God bless y’all real good.

RB Anderson