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Recommended Hotels

Efendi Hotel AkkoWhere to stay is always a tricky question. You don’t come to Israel for the hotels, but you want your hotel to be a good value.  

The following list is based on my own personal experience, with links to the accumulated experience of contributors to Tripadvisor ().  The full list is below. My Top Recommendations are:

In Jerusalem: 

In Tel-Aviv: 

In the North: 

In the South: 

This is the full list, according to regions:

Recommended Hotels in Jerusalem

jerusalem hotelAs in most businesses, also in Jerusalem it’s all about “Location Location Location” :-). 

The city is large yet its tourist attractions are concentrated in the Old City   and the streets of Mamilla  and Ben Yehuda Street  .

Since sleeping in the Old City   is not really recommended, if you want to be within walking distance from everything, you would want to stay not too far from Jaffa Gate .

The most luxurious (and most expensive…) choices would be the David Citadel Hotel () and the King David Hotel (), as well as the Mamilla Boutique Hotel () and the Waldorf Astoria /Palace hotel  (). 

Less expensive but still on a great location on King David Street is the Eldan hotel (). There are a number of hotels that are all just beyond walking distance, but still not too far from the Old City  .

These include the brand new Herbert Samuel Hotel  (), Tryp Hotel (), the unique Notre Dame Guest house (),  Mt. Zion Hotel ()Dan Boutique Hotel (), Prima Kings Hotel ()

 (), Leonardo Plaza Hotel (), Eyal Hotel (),  Hillel 11 ()Another surprisingly nice accommodation experience is at the St. Andrew’s Guesthouse ().

If you have a car you would also like the Dan Jerusalem Hotel (former “Hyatt”) (), on Mount Scopus, or Holiday Inn Crown Plaza (), near the parliament and the central bus station.

Within the Old City there is a charming and recommended B&B place called “The Lutheran Guest house” ().

Harmony Hotel  () and its sister hotel Arthur Hotel () are both in a good location, mext to Ben Yehudah Street  , but I had too many guests complaining the rooms are too small.

Besides, their new policy to charge tour guides for morning coffee when meeting the tourists in the morning (unlike ALL the other hotels) shows perhaps a new attitude that is not very service oriented. Same for  Dan Panorama Hotel () and Inbal Hotel ().

Especially if a family, you might prefer to rent a flat. Such can be found on Tripadvisor’s list of  Vacation Rental (), , or upscale offers at

Recommended Hotels in Tel-Aviv

Tel-Aviv’s attractions are spread over a large area, so you will most likely use a taxi to get around. Most of the hotels are located on the beach strip, along Hayarkon Street and they are walking distance from the shore and many restaurants.  A cluster of small Boutique hotels can be found along Rothschild Boulevard .

The most luxurious hotel in Tel-Aviv (in my opinion) is the  The Norman Hotel () just off Rothschild Boulevard . Close to the shore line (and Jaffa ) is another special luxury hotel – the Setai Tel-Aviv (). 

Other good options along the shore will be the David Intercontinental Hotel (), although to access the beach you have to cross a busy street. Same for the bran new Royal Beach luxury hotel ().

The Hilton Hotel () has a beach that is almost private, but the 40 year-old building could use some remodeling. The same can be said about other hotels along Hayarkon street, such as the Dan Tel-Aviv Hotel ()Dan Panorama ()Renaissance ()

and Prima Tel-Aviv Hotel (). Herod’s Hotel ((Former “Moriah”),  Sheraton hotel ()Carlton Hotel (),  Metropolitan Hotel (), and Savoy Hotel () are old hotels in that area who have underwent proper renovations. Perhaps best of them in location and value is Alexander Hotel (). 

Other nice hotels in that area include “Brown Beach house” hotel ()Shalom and Relax Hotel (), Melody Hotel (), and Gilgal Hotel ().

On Dizengoff street go for  Art Plus Hotel (), and for a really special place in a special area go to The Market House hotel ()  in the Flea Market  , next to Jaffa , or Drisco Hotel (in the American Colony .

Along Rothschild Boulevard  you can find a nice selection of Boutique hotels. Best (perhaps in all of Israel..) is the The Norman Hotel (). 

The Rotschild Hotel (), and The Rothschild 71 () are also good choices. Other good alternatives are the modern shaped Rothchild 22 hotel (),  Diaghilev Hotel (),  Brown TLV (),  Montefiore Hotel (), Townhouse Tel-Aviv (), and Alma ()

And again, if a family, you might prefer to rent a flat. Such can be found on Tripadvisor’s list of Vacation Rental () or in .

Recommended Hotels in the North

Hotel in IsraelA tour in Israel is not complete without a few days in the north.

In the north, your choice where to stay depends on whether you are heading to the northwest or northeast of the country.

If you are traveling around the Sea of Galilee, the Upper Jordan Valley, and up the Golan Heights , the most luxurious place to stay would be at the Mizpe Hayamim Spa Resort () (my favorite hotel in all of Israel!).

The Scots Hotel (in Tiberias , is also quite luxurious, as well as the new U Boutique hotel () and Galei Kinnereth Hotel (). On the eastern side of the Sea of Galilee, Setai , Sea of Galilee () can also be a nice option. 

Less expensive alternatives in Tiberias are Europa 1917 hotel (),  Ron Beach Hotel ()Leonardo Plaza Hotel ()Leonardo Hotel (), Leonardo Club Hotel (), or “Nof Ginosar” () in the nearby kibbutz Ginosar. 

If you want a child-friendly experience, go for the Gai Beach Hotel ().  It is outside the city, but has a great waterslide park that the kids will love!.

Further north, the new Galilion (), Hagoshrim Hotel (),  or Pastoral Hotel (), in kibbutz Kfar Blum, is also a good choice. If you are seeking some Jewish spirituality after a tour of Safed / Tsfat  , a stay at the Ruth Rimonim Hotel () would be a special experience.

On the Golan Heights itself Merom Golan Resort Village (is a very special option.

There are also MANY nice B&Bs, which are cozy wooden huts in farms in the Galilee and the Golan. They usually include a Jacuzzi and some also have pools. These “Zimmers,” as they are called, are very popular among the Israelis. For high-end “Zimmers”, try  or Check also Tripadvisors’ list for Vacation Rental () places in the north , or track a spot in .

If you are exploring the western Galilee, stay in Haifa at the trendy Haifa Colony Hotel () in the German Colony in Haifa  or on The Carmel at the Crown Plaza Hotel (),  Dan Carmel  (), or Dan Panorama Hotel () both providing beautiful views of Haifa Bay. South of Haifa the exclusive Carmel Forest Spa Resort () is also a good choice.

In Akko  , the Efendi Hotel (is a very unique and luxurious option. The only drawback is that the old city is a bit gloomy after dark.

In Nazareth  , the nicest hotel is the Nazareth Golden Crown Hotel (), but there is no nightlife in the area if that is what you like. Again – you might also find an interesting place on .

Recommended Hotels at the Dead Sea

A dip in the Dead Sea  is a MUST when touring Israel and can be done during a one day tour to Masada   from Jerusalem. But if you are heading further south, you should stay a night in one of the Dead Sea hotels.

The Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel () is the most luxurious (and expensive..) option. Other good options would be the Royal Rimonim Hotel (), and the Daniel Hotel (). They have a nice spa, but to get to the Dead Sea  you have to cross a busy street.

Of the hotels that are on the shore line, the biggest are the Crowne Plaza Hotel (), and further down south the Herod’s  (and the  Leonardo Club Hotel ().  The renovated Lot Hotel () and Hod Hamidbar hotel (), are smaller but very nice.

The Eingedi Guest House () in Kibbutz Ein Gedi  is a charming option mostly because of the views and the Ein-Gedi Botanical Gardens , but make sure to book the new rooms!.

Recommended Hotels in Eilat and the Negev

Beresheet hotelDespite the lack of Casinos, Eilat has the feeling of Las Vegas – a remote desert location with a wide choice of deluxe hotels. Instead of gambling you can swim or Scuba Diving at the Red Sea   and discover its unique colorful coral reef. Eilat can also be an anchor for tours in the Eilat Mountains, as well as a long one day tour to Petra .

The most luxurious hotels in Eilat are along its northern shore – Herod’s Hotel ()Dan Eilat Hotel ( ),  Royal Beach Hotel (), and Queen of Sheba Hotel (). For families, I would also highly recommend Royal Garden ( ). 

There are many less expensive hotels, guest houses, and hostels, of which I would recommend the Agamim Hotel (),  the Magic Palace Hotel (), the Dan Panorama Hotel (), and the Eilat Youth Hostel ().


And again – you might also find an interesting place on or.

On the way to or from Eilat, or as a destination by itself, the Negev is worth a tour too. The most luxurious option in the heart of the Negev is Beresheet Spa Hotel(), on the northern cliff of the Ramon Crater. This hotel sets a new standard of deluxe accommodations in the heart of the arid Negev Desert.

Other popular choices would be a B&B in one of the remote agricultural farms scattered in the Negev, such as Shivta Zimmers (), Carmey Avdat Zimmers (, Naot Farm Zimmers (), Boker Valley Zimmers (), and more.

If wooden huts are not extreme enough for you, go for Indian style Tipi tents at Zayit Hamidbar (), Chan Hashayrot Caravan serai (), or “Kfar Hanokdim (which offers Bedouin style accommodations as well as camel rides near Arad. In Arad itself small and comfy Yehelim () is also a good choice.

And again – you might also find an interesting place on .

(* my gratitude to my cousin, Sue Dodick, for helping me on this page!)