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Edan and his parents came to Israel when he was 3 years old.

He tried teaching other kids  in his child care house some Canadian manners, with partial success.. :-). 

In high school Edan worked in the dairy farm, and after his military service (in a Tank unit) he went on studying history, theology, and archaeology. He also participated in the excavations of Sussita .

When touring with Edan you will benefit from his life experience of childhood a kibbutz, military service, agricultiral experience, and academic level studies.

Oh yes, and he still has some Canadian manners 😉


We lived in Israel a long time ago. My wife and I wanted to show our kids the country in a different way. I called Erez and told him to surprise us. Erez met our expectations and surprised us big time: Erez pulled together a program we did not even know it could exist. Erez hired Edan, an archeologist and tour guide from Ein Gev specialized in the Golan heights and a true nature lover. Edan took us for a night climb on the Susita mountain. At sunrise, on top of the mountain we admired the tiberias lake like we never saw it before and were transported at Christ period through his explainations about the roman site. Then Edan took us for an aquatic trek into the Zaki river to watch sea turtle and falcons. Edan was a ranger in the area in a previous life… what a day!! the kids still talk about it!