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Repairs and installments (2012)

In the last few years much development can be seen at tourist sites in Israel, and last year I reported on the many developments in Jerusalem alone.

One of them was the completion of the uncovering of an ancient sewage system between the pool of Siloam and the Western wall. Walking underground for over 500 m, and reaching the Western Wall from below the surface  is one of the most exciting tourist attraction in Jerusalem today!.

Yet the blessed rains of this last January caused a landslide at the entrance to the sewage tunnel. ELAD organization is now working on fixing the damage and opening the tunnel again, but as of early February it is still mostly closed, except for the last section, from “Givati” former parking lot, to the Western Wall.

The blocked entry in to the ancient sewage system near the Pool of Siloam.

The rains caused also a rare flooding of the uncovered part of the Pool of Siloam.

The corner of the Pool of Siloam flooded.

The corner of the Pool of Siloam on ordinary days.

And while in the City of David repairs are being done, in Herodium   a new model is being installed.

Visiting the site last week I was happy to see a truck downloading a big model of the royal tomb Prof. Nezter found at the site in 2007.

The ancient royal tomb was smashed already in antiquity, and only its base can be seen today, yet enough architectural fragments were discovered to enable a reconstruction of its full size and shape.

The model of the royal tomb in Herodium being installled.

The model was installed next to the main entrance, but plans are to combine it with a new visitors center to be constructed as well.

While I find no wrong in creating visitors centers and visual aids to appreciate heritage sites, “Haaretz” recently reported on some criticising this plan. I honestly can’t understand these critics, and suspect larger political agendas are behind these publications.