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Ricky and Eran Rose tour plan, 12/14

Hi All.

We are inviting you you to join us this December to a two days tour of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea area.

Here is the general plan –

Jerusalem Day Tour

jaffa gate 1We start the day meeting next to Jaffa Gate , and after a short toilet break we enter the city to reach first the Church of the Holy Sepulchre  .

Assessing the site and its importance to Christianity, we continue along the market (Suq ) to the  Jewish Quarter , and visit some of its sites.

hezek tunnel sAfter a lunch break we advance to the City of David  ,  – “Where it all began“!.

We watch a 3D movie at the visitors center, and then explore the water system of Biblical Jerusalem  by walking through the 533 m wet and dark “Hezekiah’s Tunnel“ , all the way to the Pool of Siloam  .


Dead Sea Day Tour

masada cable car

Departing from Jerusalem, the landscape changes quickly, as we descend to the lowest place in the world (!).

Passing by the “Sea Level” sign and by Jericho, we head first to Masada , famous site for dramatic and tragic events some 2000 years ago. The dramatic story is enhanced by rich archaeological remains and a well planned visitors center.

nahal davidAfter lunch we head to the Ein-Gedi’s Nature Reserve  and hike and swim in Nahal David.

On the way back we can  stop and visit the site of Qumran , famous for the Dead Sea Scrolls.

And of course a tour of the Dead Sea is not complete with out a swim in the sea itself!.Known for its therapeutic water and mud, we can experience all of this at one of the beaches along the western shores.

Rejuvenated, wet, tired, and happy, we are ready to return to Jerusalem.