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Guiding Hershel Shanks, editor of BAR

For months I was waiting to the visit of Hershel Shanks, Editor of BAR, as we planned a tour to the north.

The week before his arrival, Hamas started launching rockets at Israel.

Yet both my summer class at the Hebrew U was executed, with only some minor changes, and this week Hershel showed up, and with his Jerusalem correspandance, Sue Singer, and his daughter, Julia Shanks, and their spouses, we went for a great day of touring the north, visiting Beth Shearim, Sepphoris, and Magdala(!).

With Hershel Shanks at the Holy Sepulchre

With Hershel Shanks at Sepphoris

The next day, I was honored to have my other “Rabbi” Dr. Gabi Barkay lecture and guide my class, and when we headed to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Hershel joined us again!

with hershel shanks and gabi barkai

With Hershel Shanks and Gabi Barkay at the Holy Sepulchre

Hamas is perhaps trying to terrorize our lives in Israel, but so far he’s mostly terrorizing the lives of his own people in Gaza strip.

The following night I was invited to a special dinner event “BAS at 40” held at the Israel Museum. Was very moving to see Hershel speaking about his life project, and the many attending the event and blessing him. I felt so honored to personally guide him just two days before!

Hershel Shanks and I

Hershel Shanks and I before the “BAS at 40” evneing began