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Rockets Were Flying, and We Kept Going

This week I executed the long ago planned tour with the Kaufman family

On the day of their arrival, Arabs from both Israel and the West Bank were rioting with much violence, including throwing stones and rocks against police and civilians.

Yet that did not deter us, and we made just some minor changes in the original plan.

Elizabeth and Anna Kaufman on a camel next to the Dead Sea

“On the third day” (to borrow a quote from John 2:1..) Hamas began launching rockets to Israel.

The next day they were aimed also towards Jerusalem.

All the long range rockets were successfully intercepted by Israel’s amazing “Iron Dome” technology.

And the Kaufmans continued the tour.

This week I also began teaching the Hebrew U summer class “Uncovering Jerusalem“.

ketef hinnom

With my class at Biblical burial caves of Ketef Hinnom

As the violence and rockets increased concerns were made both by the students and the school management, but except for one student (whose US University insisted she returned), ALL the students are still participating in this class.

We will probably change the course of some of the field trips, no chaos and no fear.

Just caution.

Hamas wants to destroy us, or at least destroy our routine.

I thank all of my clients and students who did not enable the Hamas any of this!.

Shabbath Shalom.