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Rujum el-Hiri

Aerial photos of Rujum el-Hiri. (c) Mati Shosahni

“Rujum el-Hiri” (Arabic: “Mound of the wild cats”), is a mysterious megalithic prehistoric site in the Golan Heights .


It consists concentric stone circles around a tomb, yet the whole complex is believed to be an observatory and stellar calender, perhaps related to cult of the Dead.

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Rujm el-Hiri

Rujm el-Hiri ( Arabic: رجم الهري‎, Rujm al-Hīrī; Hebrew: גִּלְגַּל רְפָאִים Gilgal Refā’īm or Rogem Hiri) is an ancient megalithic monument consisting of concentric circles of stone with a tumulus at center.

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Book a Private Tour to the Rujum el-Hiri

“Rujum el-Hiri” is in the Golan Heights and can only be reached with an off-road vehicle.

Contact me for a proposal of a tour of the Golan Heights, that will also include a visit to “Rujum el-Hiri”.