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Gilgal Rephaim / Rujum el-Hiri

(c) Mati Shoshani

“Rujum el-Hiri” (Arabic: “Mound of the wild cats”), is a mysterious megalithic prehistoric site in the Golan Heights It consists concentric stone circles around a tomb, yet the whole complex is believed to be an observatory and stellar calender, perhaps related to cult of the Dead.

It’s Hebrew name (“Gilgal Rephaim”), suggest it was a cultic center believed by the Israelites to be related to the Biblical giants.

Presenting “Gilgal Rephaim” to “The Watchman”, 2019

And the youtube below is my very first experience participating in a TV production.. 2002?.. times have passed..

Rujm el-Hiri

Rujm el-Hiri ( Arabic: رجم الهري‎, Rujm al-Hīrī; Hebrew: גִּלְגַּל רְפָאִים Gilgal Refā’īm or Rogem Hiri) is an ancient megalithic monument consisting of concentric circles of stone with a tumulus at center.

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Book a Private Tour to the Rujum el-Hiri

“Rujum el-Hiri” is in the Golan Heights and can only be reached with an off-road vehicle.

Contact me for a proposal of a tour of the Golan Heights, that will also include a visit to “Rujum el-Hiri”.