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“Burma Road”

The “Burma Road” is a nickname given to a vital by-pass created during the 1948 war in Israel. It was created to insure providing water and supplies to the Jewish populated areas in Jerusalem, which were under siege.

The route was found by chance by Palmach soldiers navigating in the area. It’s biggest advantage was passing through low terrain, invisible and un targetable by Jordanian cannons in Latrun and the ridge next to it. Tractors made it crossable to trucks and a pipeline enabled pumping precious water to the besieged city. The road served only for a few months, as later a better road was completed, but for the during the summer of 1948 the “Burma Road” ensured supplies and water could reach the city.

“Burma Road” and Wine

Today some of the “Burma Road” is paved, while certain parts still require 4×4 vehicles. Several monuments are spread along the historical path, and with a knowledgeable guide, this tour is one of the most meaningful experiences relating to the establishment of the State of Israel. It can also be combined with a visit to a local winery, sampling some of the best wines available in Israel!

Presenting the “Burma Road” to “The Watchman”, 2018

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The “Burma Road” stretches from Latrun Junction and Emmaus-Nicopolis to the area of Beth Shemesh

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