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Private Tour to the 1948 Secret Bullet Factory (“Machon Ayalon”)

ayalon institute laundryMacon Ayalon (Hebrew “Ayalon Institute”) was the code name for a secret bullet factory operating underground near rechovot between 1946 to 1948.  It produced 8 meters (25 feet) below the surface 2.25 million 9 mm bullets, which were vital in the first stages of the war of indepandance.

ayalon institute secret bullet factorySince 1987 the site operates as a museum and is one of the most popular atractions related to the establishment of the state of Israel. Visitors descend through a secret shaft to the underground factory, and learn about the risks and dramatic moments in the operation of Machon Ayalon.

Book a Tour to the “Machon Ayalon”

“Machon Ayalon” is located near Rechovoth, some 25 km SE of Tel-Aviv  . Touring it is done only by joining a group tour and it has to be pre-set. Contact me for a full day tour that will inlcude a joining a tour of the site.

Private Tour to “Machon Ayalon” Orientation Map

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