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Tel Beit Mirsim

Tel Beit Mirsim is an archaeological sites in the Southern “Shefelah”. It was excavated between 1926 to 1932 By W.F. Albright, assuming it is Biblical “Dvir / Kiryat Sefer”, and so remains of an ancient library might be found at the site.

Although no remains of any archive were found, and most scholard today assume Biblical Dvir is else where (at “Khirbet Rabud”), Albright’s excavation were revlutionary as he was the first archeologist to define Canaanite and Israelite layers, and their pottery typology. 

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Tel Beit Mirsim is in the southern part of the Shefelah, and can only be accessed by an off-road vehicle.

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A video presentation of the Excavations of Tell Beit Mirsim

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