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Tel Yarmuth

tour to tel yarmuthTel Yarmuth is located in the heart of the “Shefelah”, on the side of the entrance to the modern and Ultra-Orthodox city of “Ramath Beth-Shemesh”. 

Excavations carried out at the site uncovered significant and unique remains from the Early Bronze Age, indicating the city was an Egyptian-Canaanite center some 5000 years ago.

“Yarmuth / Jarmuth”  in mentioned in the Bible in Joshua 10; Joshua 15; Micha 1 (“meroth”); and Nehemiah  11), yet as of 2016, no finds from early Iron age or the persian period were found at the site.  The Arabic name of the site (Kh. El-Yamuk) preserved the name of the ancient site. 

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Tel Yarmuth is located in the central Shefelah, inside Modern Ramat Beth-Shemesh.

Contact me for a proposal of a full day tour of Shefelah, that will also include a visit to Tel Yarmuth.

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