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Sandy Norcross and Sara Yoel, April 2014

[Tripadvisor]: I was most fortunate to have Danny as a guide for one day in the Dead Sea – Masada area and for three days in Jerusalem.

His in-depth knowledge of Israel’s archaeology and history is exceptionally insightful. His pleasant, accommodating, and down to earth nature made for a wonderfully informative educational travel experience.

He also shared fabulous restaurant tips!



[Tripadvisor]: As an Israeli who lives in the US, I envited an American friend to visit Israel with me, so although I could have shown my friend the country, we decided to use a private guide.

The decision proved to be beyond expectation, having Danny show us around. His emense knowledge of archeology, history and the culture of Israel was second to none.

Even as an Israeli, I learned more than ever before. His professionalism and ability to accomodate our needs and adjust the tours accordingly were commandable.

We would highly recommend anyone who considers a private guide to connect with Danny, and you wil not regret the exceptional service and experience.

Kudos and Kol-H’kavod
Sara Y.