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Scuba diving is probably the optimal way to explore the spectacular coral reefs and the rich aquatic life in the golf of Eilat. This northern tip of the Red Sea is one of the best world’s diving regions, home of 250 coral types and 1,200 species of fish. The beautiful beaches and the crystal-clear water are perfect for swimming, water sports, and especially diving. Several diving clubs offer different diving sessions, including for people with no experience at all.

Introductory Dive in Eilat

The introductory dive is done with a personal instructor who teaches you how to use the gear, and leads you throughout the dive, guarantying your safety and confidence at all times. The dive takes about 30 minutes, and it is truly a magical experience. Gaining confidence in the gear and your new surroundings, you find yourself overwhelmed by the rich variety of exotic colored fish and the breathtaking coral formations. It is also possible to set the dive next to dolphins at the dolphins’ reef, and to get a video of the experience.

Starting at $80, the introductory dive is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable experiences of your vacation in Israel!

Snuba Dive

A variation of the Introductory scuba diving experience is called SNUBA diving. Unlike scuba diving, here, the oxygen tanks are placed on an inflatable, and the air reaches the divers by long elastic tubes. This unique technique is especially suitable for kids who find it difficult to to carry the oxygen tanks. It is completely safe, and truly a magical experience!

An introductory Scuba dive or Snuba dive in the Red Sea can be combined with a tour of Eilat.

Contact us to inquire more about a private tour to Eilat that will include a diving experience:

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