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Shai Shvalb – Private Tour Guide

Shai ShvalbShai Shvalb is a storyteller and guide; he loves to lead and guide his guests using his private car in the Land of Israel. He is a perfect match for those interested in history and archeology,
interfaith dialogue and comparison, the Bible, Israeli society, and, of course, Israeli food and markets.
In 2019 Shai published a one-of-a-kind Hebrew English dictionary about the Land of Israel – Know the Holy Land. He recently (2022) finished writing the manuscript for his second book in English – A Bridge to your Roots. Using his knowledge of the Bible and Hebrew, his book connects Evangelical Christian believers to the Land of Israel, where all the roots of their faith began at the time of Jesus.

Our All-Time Favorite
Having used numerous guides on several international trips, Shai is our all-time favorite. He is personable, and knowledgeable and has a sincere desire to give the visitor what they are looking for. He caters the sites, the information, and his conversation to meet your specific desires. Shai not only taught me so much, he enriched our visit and made it almost perfect. No need to consider any other guide for Israel!
Jane and Jim C., USA

A wealth of knowledge, 10/10!
Shai is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and, most importantly, fun to be around. He gave us the flexibility to customize our day how we saw fit and made all of the planning very simple. I would highly recommend Shai for any of your needs in Israel, 10/10 A+!
Shira and Luke T., USA

Touring Israel with a friend
Shai was punctual, prepared, engaging and incredibly knowledgeable, and proud of his country’s history and culture. He provided detailed and pertinent historical information regarding the places we visited, and he made it all very interesting. He mixed in current affairs with his commentary and was frank and candid, and did not shy away from answering any questions. It was like spending the day with an old friend. Highly recommended Shai!
Charlene and Theo L., Canada

Best tour guide out there!
Shai is warm, engaging, and incredibly knowledgeable. His priority was to allow us to choose the activities we wanted to do. He would make recommendations but was so flexible in making everything work perfectly based on our desires, and timing, Be is a true “pleaser”! We laughed and learned about one another….I would say we gained a true friend in Shai, and when it was over after just a few short days, we felt as if we had known one another for years!
Jill and Jeff S., USA

A Lifetime Memory
Shai invited us to become part of his Israeli family; at least, that is what it felt like. We were greeted with his warm smile, and immediately we felt we were in good hands. We toured for two weeks throughout Israel, enjoying too many sites to enumerate. Our trip was postponed and rescheduled three times due to country Covid restrictions, but Shai rolled with the challenges, helping us reschedule our itinerary numerous times (7). We met other guides along the way who validated our choice of a great guide–in fact, he has written a book that other guides use. He is obviously well-connected in Israel and built an itinerary that matched our interests and capabilities as intrepid but older travelers.
If you are lucky enough to snag Shai as your guide, you will be richly rewarded.
Valerie and Bill S., USA

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