Suva Junction on October 7th, 2023

Moshav Shuva is an Israeli farm located 4 miles east of the Gaza border. Its fields became a hub for Israeli army operations during a Hamas mass terror attack on October 7, 2023.  Among others, initial medical treatment was provided at its main junction. Patients were later were transported or flown to hospitals.  Recognizing a need, three brothers from the moshav, Eliran, Kobi, and Dror, set up a rest station for the fighting forces, offering coffee, tea, and later meals, and personal supplies.

Dubbed “Shuva Achim” it swiftly gained popularity among Israeli military units. Additionally, it became a preferred site for civilians and tourists eager to contribute, volunteer, and back this charitable endeavor.

The station operates round the clock, welcoming soldiers, visitors, and volunteers. It will also appreciate a financial contribution, which can be sent via this link.

A visit to Shuva Ahim can be integrated into a day tour around Gaza Strip.

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