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Destinations in the West Bank

Jericho tourIn 1993 Israel signed an historical peace agreement with the Palestinians, and in 1996 several areas in the West Bank became under direct Palestinian control. In 2005 Israel also withdrew from all of Gaza Strip.

Unfortunately the peace process turned out to be a disaster, first to Israelis hit repeatedly by terrorist attacks, and later the Palestinians when Israel finally decided to built security fences and wall around Palestinian areas to prevent these terrorists attacks.

Being so, a tourist who wants to visit any of the destinations in the Palestinian controlled sites in the West Bank, can only do so with a Palestinian or Israeli-Arab guide.

We have a small selection of such guide, and yet we can’t always guarantee their availability, nor the security at certain destinations in the West Bank, as the political dynamics in the West Bank are quite not predictable. Best is to contact us to discuss what’s available, accessible, safe, and the involved costs.

We can offer the following tours:

church of nativity bethlehemHalf a Day Tour to Bethlehem
jericho cable car tour A Day tour to Bethlehem and Jericho
A Day tour to Bethlehem and Hebron
A Day tour to Shechem, Mount Gerizim, and Samaria-Sebaste

Contact us to inquire about a tour to these destinations: