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Tulul abu el-‘Alaiyq

tulul abu el alayiq herods palace jericho “Tulul abu el-‘Alaiyq” is the Arabic name of an important archaeological site in SW oasis of Jericho . Most of the excavations at the site were carried out by the late Prof. Ehud Netzer  in the 1970’s. He uncovered a set of palatial buildings, built in several stages by the Hasmonean kings, and later by Herod the Great.  Althugh not maintained well in recent years, this site contains some of the most important remains of local royalty around the turn of the first century, equal in importance to contemporaneous finds in Caesarea , Samaria-Sebaste, Jerusalem, and Masada 

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Jeircho is in the West Bank and is under Palestinian Control. Contact me for a proposal of a full day tour of Jericho with a Palestinian guide, including Tulul abu el-‘Alaiyq site.

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