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Kiryat Luza

luza samaritansLocated next to the summit of Mount Gerizim, Kiryat Luza is the main town of the Samaritan community living in Samaria. The Samaritans, who believe to be remnants of the biblical Israelites, were once a thriving ethnicity. They are mentioned in classical sources and in the New Testament. Today, numbering about 800 members, half of the Samaritans live in Kiryat Luza, and half in Holon.

The Kiryat Luza congregation also operate a local museum devoted to Samaritan history and heritage. Among others, the Museum presents a 600 years old Samaritan Torah scroll, Samaritan ark curtains, replica of Samaritan Sukah decoration, and models of the Samaritan buildings on Mount Gerizim.

A visit to Kiryat Luza can be combined with a tour of the West Bank.

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