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Off-Road Tour Along the “Incense Route”

incense route jeep tourThe “Incense Route” of antiquity was a network of ancient roads linking the Mediterranean world with Eastern and Southern sources of incense, spices and other luxury goods. One of the major routes passed across the southern part of Israel (The “Negev”).

katsrahAfter Petra , the “Incense Route” passed through Moa , Horvat Katsrah Metsad Nekarot , Metsad Saharonim , Metsad Mahmal , Avdat  , and Haluza 

nekarotAll of the sites along the “Incense route” are recognised as “World Heritage sites” by UNESCO.

Except for Avdat , all other sites can only be reached by 4X4 vehicles, but in cooporation with a Jeep tours company, I can now offer a day tour along the The “Incense Route” , from Moa  to Avdat  and Remaliah Cisterns .

halutsa elusaOn another day I can offer a day tour from Shivta  to Haluza , via Ruheiba and Horvat Sa’adon , which reflects the asotnishing agricultural development in the Negev in the Byzantine period.

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The full tour along the “Incense Route” takes 3 days. 

Contact me for a tour proposal of doing some or all of the “Incense Route”

Presenting Avdat  and the “Incense Route”, 2017

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