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Off-Road Tour Along the Incense Route

incense route jeep tour

The Incense Route was a network of ancient roads that enabled shipping goods across the Arabian Peninsula to the Mediterranean coast. Incense, spices and other luxury goods were carried on caravans of camel across thousands of miles. One of the major routes passed across the southern part of Israel (The Negev). This special offer of an off-road private tour will follow some of these ancient trails across spectacular landscapes.

The Route of the Incense Route


The full length of the Incense Route is not really known, but it started in Yemen, passed through Mecca, Medina, and Petra, and ended in the ports of Gaza and El-Arish. The better documented parts of the Incense Route came out of Petra, passed through Moa, Horvat KatsrahMetsad Nekarot, Metsad Saharonim, Metsad Mahmal, Avdat, and Haluza, before reaching Gaza. All these sites are recognized as World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

2 Days Tour Along the Incense Route


Except for Avdat, all the other sites along the Incense Route can only be reached by 4X4 vehicles. In cooperation with a off-road tour company, we can now offer a day tour along this route, from Moa to Avdat and Remaliah Cisterns. We will spend the night in one of the Bedouin Camps in the area.

On the second day, we will drive through the sand dunes of Halutza, and reach Shivta, Ruheiba, Horvat Sa’adon and Haluza. Some of the sites are in an amazing state of preservation, although they were abandoned more than 1,200 years ago! Next to some of the sites, remains from agricultural farms can still be traced. They attest to the amazing agricultural development in the Negev in the Byzantine Period.

Map of the Off-Road Tour along the “Incense Route”

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