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Two Days Private Tour to Petra

Petra is one of the most popular tourists destinations in the world. The state of Tomb Facade’s preservations, combined with a spectacular desert landscape, makes Petra a magnificent destination.

However, reaching Petra from Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem is a logistical challenge. It is in the southern part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, so it really takes two days to properly reach and tour Petra.

We offer a special private tour that will enable you to appreciate Petra the best way possible, also avoiding also the crowds and the heat as much as possible. It will also provide a glimpse of Wadi Rum and Aqaba.

We know that some other tour agencies offer a very long and packed tour of Petra from Tel-Aviv in one day. We really do NOT recommend this type of tour, for several reasons.

Especially since the frequent feedback we receive after a long and exhausting day is ALWAYS negative. Just trust us. Give Petra two days. You will thank us later.

Day 1 – Traversing Through Wadi Rum

ATV tour in Wadi Rum

A 5 hours drive from Tel-Aviv, or a 40 minutes flight, will bring you to the border crossing near Eilat. Once we’re done with all the bureaucracy, your Jordanian guide will greet you, and drive you into the amazing nature reserve of Wadi Rum. The giant sandstone rocks protruding out of sand dunes form a martian like landscape. You will have a Bedouin style lunch feast, followed by a ride in an off-road 4×4 vehicle, or on an ATV tour in Wadi Rum.

In the evening, you will reach Wadi Musa, next to Petra. If it’s still open, it is recommended to visit the Petra New Museum. At certain days of the week, it is possible to join the Petra Night Tour.

But the real adventure begins tomorrow morning.

Day 2 – Exploring Petra

An early start into Petra is critical to avoid the crowds, and the heat. First, you will walk through the breathtaking, 1 mile long  gorge (In Arabic – Siq) that leads into the ancient city. The sandstone cliffs surrounding you are randomly decorated with ancient religious symbols and inscriptions. At its end, the gorge funnels into the iconic tomb facade – “The Treasury” (in Arabic – Al-Khazneh). Despite its name, archaeologists don’t think it ever held any treasures, but was rather a lavish tomb mark. We’ll take a minute and absorb it all in. To think that this massive size work was all carved in the rock some 2,000 years ago is just mind boggling!

Next, your guide will lead you into the city, passing by more massive scale tomb facades and the city’s theatre. Much of ancient Petra is still waiting to be uncovered, but several public buildings have been excavated. The most remarkable of them is the city’s main temple, which was probably dedicated to the main God of the Nabateans –  Dushares.

monsatery petra ad deir If you are up for more hiking, it is possible to hike the nearly 1,000 steps to the spectacular tomb facade the locals call “The Monastery” (“Ad Deir”), or up to Petra’s High Place of Sacrifice. The guide will then help set up a donkey carriage back to the main entrance, and back to the crossing point into Israel. Time permitting, it is also possible to drive through Aqaba on the way back. You could either fly back to Tel-Aviv, or spend the night in Eilat and go snorkeling or Scuba Diving at the Red Sea the next day.

Either way, this short getaway will be an amazing tour experience you will remember long after you go back home!

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