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Scenic Flights

SEE IT ALL FROM ABOVE! Scenic flights across the country, to all possible destinations! Wehther to Masada, over the coast or to the Golan Heights, a Private Helicopter flight is a great way to get anywhere, fast, in style, and…

Chatau Golan

Located in the southern area of the Golan heights, Chatau Golan began operating in 1999. Its wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and local labels Eliad, Geshem, and Rose. Its Visitors center is one of the most attractive ones in…


Whether in the mountains of Eilat, the upper Galilee, or in the Golan heights; with an ATV, Tomcar, or a “mule”, ATV is one of the most exciting tours to experience in Israel. Contact me for more information.