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Elena P., Ukraine

Danny!!, more than 2 weeks passed after i came back from Israel,but i still under huge impression from your tour! Thank you so much for it!!! You’re the best tour guide ever!!!!You showed me places that no one would show…

M.S., Capgemini, India

Thanks to Tali & Vika who accompanied us during all the sessions. Special thanks to Efrat for arranging all the logistics. Our private guided tour to Jerusalem in the night is unforgettable. Danny was awesome in explaining the significance. [M.S.]  Capgemini Talwade, Pune, India

The Tomb of the Chained Man (2001)

About 2km south of Jerusalem, on a hill next to the road to Bethlehem, salvage excavation was recently done for a new construction project. A team from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) led by E. Kogan-Zehavi excavated the site, and preliminary results have just…