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Tania Smorgon group, May 2017

May 1 (MON)

Welcome to Israel!

Upon arrival we head to Tel-Aviv, check-in, have “welcome to Israel” cocktail.

Being the National military memorial day, We can consider a tour to National monuments.

19:30 – Dinner at “Dinnings” at the Hotel.

After dinner –  head to “Kikar Rabin”, to  Attend Independence evening parties and live preformances!

O/N: The Norman, Tel-Aviv

Caroline and Phil Cornish

Samantha and Charlie Baillieau 

Tania and Norman Smorgon

Lou and Anthony Heffernan 

Michelle and John Valmorbida


May 2 (TUE)

Independence day!!

Recovering from all the partyiisreal-independence-dayng, alcohol, and jetlag.. we start the day at 10:00 with a Graffiti tour of Tel-Aviv with Aaron Gertz.

After lunch we continue to a tour of Jaffa on Segways 

19:30 – Festive dinner at North Abraxas tripadvisor icon restaurant

O/N: The Norman, Tel-Aviv

Cost (Transportation): $600

Graffiti tour: $300

Segway tour (1 hour): $65 per person


May 3 (WED)

8:15 – The morning will start with a meeting with Shelly Hod Moyal (8:15), followed by a visit to the Independence Hall  (c. 10:00).

at 11:30 we join a culinary experience of “shuk + cook” session with and its outcome for lunch..

After lunch will be an optional drive and tour of Caesarea  .

An at 20:30 we head for dinner at “Hasalon” tripadvisor icon.

(Tania and will be attending an event in Jerusalem that day).

O/N: The Norman, Tel-Aviv

Cost (Guide + Transportation): $1000

“Shuk + cook”: $100 per person

Caesarea entry fee: $10 per person


May 4 (THUR)

An early check out, and we head to Sde Dov port (7:45) to fly to Eilat  (IZ805, 9:00) and cross the border to Jordan.

In Jordan we have a Jeep tour in Wadi Rum  + a bedouin style lunch, and then check-in at the Movenpick resort in Petra.

At 20:00 we Join the Petra Night Tour : a tour to the “Treasury” of Petra at night, with the “siq” all lit in candles (!).

O/N:  Movenpick Resrot, Petra

Cost (transporatation in Eilat): $400

Flight to Eilat: (prepaid)


May 5 (FRI)

In the morning we return on horses to Petra  and review it at Day – the “treasury”, the main theatre, the famous tomb facades, and the main street.

After lunch we drive back to the border, return to Eilat,and head to our hotel located in a majestic viepoint above the Ramon Crater .

O/N: Beresheet Resort, Mizpe Ramon.

Cost in Jordan for two days (Jordanian guide + transportation + visa + entry + hotel in Petra): $520 per person

Cost (Danny): $1000

Cost (transportation on Israeli side): $500


May 6 (SAT)

bresheetThis day will be a little less strenous, to appreciate the hotel’s luxurious pool and other facilities. But for those who want to do some action we can conduct a Jeep tour in Ramon Crater , do some Rappeling in Ramon Crater , or just visit the Ramon Crater Visitors Center .

In the evening we will have a Bedouin style dinner in Ramon Crater + belly dancing session + Stars Watching Session in Machtesh Ramon .

O/N: Beresheet Resort, Mizpe Ramon.

Cost (Guide + Transportation): $900

2 Jeeps tour cost  + rappeling (3 hours): $800

star watching + dinner: $700

belly dancer: $350


May 7 (SUN)

masada cable carAn early check out will be needed today to reach famous archaeological site of Masada .

After a tour of the site we head to the “Herod’s hotel” for a 13:30 lunch + swim at the Dead Sea  session, and then drive on to Jerusalem, with a possible stop on the way to see where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found near Qumran .

Upon reaching Jerusalem we greet it from the top of Mount of Olives Viewpoint .

20:00 – Dinner at Satya ().

O/N: King David Hotel, Jerusalem

Cost (Guide + transporation): $1200

Masada: $20 per person

swim + lunch at Herod’s spa hotel: $90 per person


May 8 (MON)

holy sepulchre easter 2013This day will be devoted to explorring possibly the holiest city in the world – Jerusalem.

We will review its main attractions: Church of the Holy Sepulchre  Suq Jewish Quarter Western wall  , possibly also including the new Virtual Tour of the Second Temple  .

We will then drive to the Garden of Gethsemane  and reflect on the events Jesus experienced at the site, and then head to the to the National Holocaust memorial – “Yad Vashem” .

We will have a quik lunch break at its cafeteria, and at 14:00 we will begin a 3 hours tour of the institution with a local top guide.

In the evening (21:00) we go for a festive fairwell dinner at “Mahaneyudah” restaurant in Mahane Yehudah Market   .

O/N: King David Hotel, Jerusalem

Cost (Guide + transporation): $1000

Virtual model tour: $8 per person


May 9 (TUE)

A visit to the Church of Nativity  in Bethlehem  with a (Palestinian guide), and then head to Nazareth  to visit the Church of Annunciation  and S. Joseph Church .

If time permits we can also visit the “Wedding church” in Cana .

O/N: Mizpe Hayamim spa Hotel

Cost (Guide + transporation): $750/$900

Participants: Tania Smorgon, the VAlmorbidas, the Heffernans.

13:50 Charlie & Samantha Baillieu Departure, CX676

16:35  Norman Smorgon Departure, BA164

18:00 Philip & Caroline Cornish Departure, LY289



May 10 (WED)

Christianity around the Sea of Galilee

Ocapernaum-2ur last day of touring will be devoted to sites relating to ancient Jewish and Christian history around the Sea of Galilee :

Capernaum  (“The Town of Jesus”); Sea of Galilee Boat Magdala , Tiberias  and possibly a Sail on the Sea of Galilee .

O/N: Mizpe Hayamim spa Hotel

Cost (Guide + transporation): $750/$900


May 11 (THUR)

flight homeSafed  ?, Head to Ben-Gurion Airport, Departure.

Bon Voyage!

Cost (Guide + transporation): $750/$900

16:35 Tania Smorgon Departure, BA164

13:50 Heffermans departure, CX674

____ Valmorbida Departure