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Recommended Colleagues

Isaac (Itsik) Dror

Isaac (Itsik) was born in Jerusalem, 49 years old, lives in Tel-Aviv and is a proud father of 3!. He is a licensed tour guide, holds BA in Education and teaching certificate. Isaac is a leading guide in Tel-Aviv and specialized in the history and the establishment of the State of Israel and its declaration of Independence. Since 1996 Isaac is also the head of training and educational programs at the Independence Museum in Tel Aviv.    

Giordana Moscati

Mi chiamo Giordana Moscati sono nata e cresciuta a Roma e vivo in Israele da ormai 20 anni. A 12 anni, in seguito ad un viaggio, e’ scattato l’amore fra questo meraviglioso posto e me…un mese dopo la maturita’, a 19 anni, mi sono trasferita in Israele coronando il mio sogno. Ho completato tutti i miei studi accademici alla Bar-Ilan University: ho conseguito il B.A. nel dipartimento degli Studi della Terra d’Israele e Archeologia,  M.A. in Storia Ebraica Antica e Ph.D. in Storia Ebraica scrivendo la tesi di dottorato sul Contra Apionem di  Flavio Giuseppe.  . Parallelamente ai miei studi,

Ofir Malachi

Native of Jeruslam to a Sepharadic family, Ofir served the Israeli Navy, founded a Rescue Divers Unit, was an IDF instructor for off road driving, and lived and worked for several years among Bedouins in the Desert. Being so, Ofir gained  extensive experience in Nature, History, and archeology, as well as “extreme” off road touring. Ofir’s tours are an exclusive experience, with a pampering 4×4 vehicle (2015 landcruiser), and proffesional hospitality.

Nestor Feller

Nací en Argentina y hace más de 40 años que vivo en Israel. Primero en un kibutz, luego en Jerusalén, donde estudie y forme mi familia. Quiero ayudarlos a organizar su paseo. Fui Catedrático de Sociología, Historia y Religiones en la “Open University” en Israel. Los invito a que juntos comencemos un paseo que con seguridad cambiara vuestras vidas. Pasear por Israel, la Tierra Santa, no es un sitio más. Les propongo una aventura fascinante, el desafío de conocer los lugares donde la Biblia sucedió. Por los caminos de Tierra Santa guío hace más de 20 años a grupos de jóvenes

Habib Butrus

  We LOVED Habib so much . His tour was awesome even tho we had flat tire it was great . He has such in depth knowledge of bible .    So great. We only needed more time !!!!  .. Pls know we appreciate it so much. P. Hodge. USA

Oren Sollel

Oren is a well exepreinced and very knowledgable guide, providing mostly private and VIP tours with his nice luxury “Voyager” minivan. His tours cover a wide range of sites, subjects, and attractions. From wine tasting to political reviews, and from camel rides to setting helicopter flights, Oren knows how to create an unforgetable touring expereince of Israel!

Racheli Kreisberg

Racheli Kreisberg,  Ph.D., organizes guided tours aimed at exploring selected industries in Israel and to get a deeper understanding of the key success factors that define us as a Nation of Innovation. In addition, Dr. Kreisberg organizes tours by professional multi-lingual guides, authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, to show you the beauty of Israel. Dr. Kreisberg also specializes in “Geneology Tours“: Your upcoming visit to Israel is a wonderful opportunity to link genealogy research to sites in Israel where your ancestors may have been born, lived and been interned Dr. Kreisberg offers customized genealogy excursions to the: burial places of your

Toby Abrams

Toby is a dymanic, energetic, and great tour guide. She specializes in food and folklore tours across Jerusalem, presenting in-depth and behind-the-scenes epxeriences at various locations across the city.

Ido Heruty

Ido Heruty is a licensed, professional Israeli tour guide. Ido grew up in a suburb of Tel Aviv, and from early childhood was hiking, traveling and sightseeing all around The Land-of-Israel, first with his family, later with the “Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel” (SPNI),  and then, exploring on his own. During his army service in the Air Force Operations,  Ido became a commander,  and gained a lot of experience in leading people…   After serving in the army, his passion for learning and exploring the nature and history of Israel  drew him to Beit Berl College, where he completed an intensive three-year academic program:  “Knowledge of

Eyal Korin

Eyal is an expert of the Negev and off-road tours. With his two jeeps Eyal can set various tours to places across Ramon Crater and beyond. More then his logisticts abilities, Eyal is truely a “desert man”. Knows the smallest details, and every trail, person, and animal along the way!.    

Pinchas Zarczynski (Polish)

Pinchas  Filip   urodził się w Warszawie, od 1985  mieszka w Jerozolimie studiował Architekturę i Judaizm. Pracuje przy  Sciane Płaczu   i  w Tunelach . Prowadzi wycieczki po Izraelu w językach Hebrajski, polski i angielski. -szczególnie Okolice Jerozolimy.   Polecam Trasy: Jerozolima stara i nowa Okolice Morza Martwego – Masada Galilea Szlakiem Wojska Andersa A także inne , do uzgodnienia.    

Yoni Myers

My story is Neil Armstrong’s story! That’s what I tell people who ask: “Why did you become a tour guide?” In the seventies Neil Armstrong came for a tour of the Holy Land. Standing outside the Hulda Gates the archaeologist Meir Ben-Dov told him about the spectacular history of these ruins… Let’s use our imagination to recreate the scene: This was the main entrance to the Temple Mount two thousand years ago. Here, tens of thousands of Jews would make their way up these very stairs for the festivals. Imagine – men, women and children readying themselves for the festival,

Fredi Wiesner (German)

Fredi Wiesner specializes in private tours in Jerusalem and throughout the country for the VIP – business sector. A native of Austria, Fredi is fluent in German  and Yiddish, as well as English and Hebrew. Fredi is a graduate of Yeshiva college, was an executive HR manager at an International German company based in Israel. He is also an internationally certified trainer for coaching and NLP. Fredi is highly knowledgeable, sociable and provides an exceptional and memorable touring experience in Israel. Hi Fredi Both Karen and I cannot thank you enough for conducting what was the most interesting , informative and emotional tour we have ever been on. Let me sincerely thank you for your

Eli Meiri – Tourism for all

Though I will also occasionaly cater clients with certain dissabilities (see for instance here a testimonial of one happy client.. 🙂 ) often I hand such orders to my friend and Colleague, Eli Meiri. Eli Meiri has more than 15 years of experience in the coordination of case management and worked as an executive director in rehabilitation centers working with people with mobility, senses and emotional disabilities. In the year 1998, Eli established “Israel for All – Tourism for people with special needs” and became a licensed tour guide and travel agent, and thus became a pioneer for expanding the world

Ika Schweitzer

Ika was born in 1951 in Tel-Aviv, where he lives to this day. Enlisted to the IDF, Ika served as a captain in the Paratroopers’ brigade, and later graduated a B.A. in Political Science and General History at Tel-Aviv university. In 1994 Ika made a nice “exit” selling a radio technology company, yet bored of retirement at 42, Ika  joined a tour-guides course, and later expended his knowledge in the field and completed (with excellence!) an M.A. in History and Archeology of the Land of Israel in Bar-Ilan University. Ika has vast knowledge in many fields, and his tours are an enriching

Ronit Mandel Shaked

Ronit (Nachman) Mandel Shaked is a former lieutenant Colonel of the IDF, and served in various positions, some “senstive” and secret. She is a licensed tour guide since 1995, and specializes in organizing  and operating private and VIP tours. Besdies a tour guide course, Ronit has a BA in psychology and sociology, Bar Ilan University and an MA (pending) Israel Studies, Bar Ilan University.

Eli Shukrun

Eli Shukrum is a friend and a colleague from University days. We attended several archaeology classes together, and Eli worked in total 25 years in the Israel Antiquities Authority. Eli lead a few important digs in Jerusalem, such as at Jaffa gate, under Robinson’s bridge, the City of David ,  Pool of Siloam  , and near the Garden of Gethsemane . Recently he joined my world and became a certified tour guide. Eli delivers exciting tours, combining his own experience of his excavations.    

Rabbi Aryeh A. Leifert

“Rabbi Aryeh” grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. Eearning a BA in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis University, he also spent two years studying at Yeshivat HaKotel in Israel, and later was ordained as a Rabbi. Marking Alyiah, Aryeh and Michal settled in Mazkeret Batyah, and becoming a licensed tour guide, Aryeh leads various groups across the country, combing is vast knwoledge in Judaism and Eretz-Israel Studies.

Yehuda Kaplan

M.A. Yehuda Kaplan is an experienced tour guide and an expert in Biblical history and the archaeology of The Holy Land. He has a  B.A in Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies and a M.A in Biblical History (both from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem). Since 2001 Mr. Kaplan is also the Director of Education at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem. Mr. Kaplan is a talented guide and lecturer and has a wide range of fields of interest: Archaeology and History of the Land of Israel, Biblical History, Ancient Near Eastern Art and History, Semitic Languages, History of Warfare and more..

Ilan Shchori

Ilany Shchori is an excellent guide,  and a Tel-Aviv and Jaffa expert. With 25 years of experience, Ilan knows every site and every anacdote, and conducts his tours with much grace. Wether in the alleys of Jaffa, along the streets of Tel-Aviv, or at the beach strip, Ilan unveils the city in and out. Having a tourism van, Ilan also leads private tours across the country.

Ami Giz

A culinary expert and an excellent guide, with a bran new one-of-a-kind Mercedes tourism SUV.

Aviad Amitai

A former student of mine, in Tour guide courses, Aviad is perhaps the best of the younger tour-guide there is today in Israel. He is energetic, enthusiastic, interesting and often even exciting. An expert on both the Biblical and Modern history, Aviad delivers adynamic and moving experience in touring th Holy Land.

Moti Barness

An excellent and veteran guide, with great social skills, knowledge, and service. Expert for off-road jeep tours, but anywhere you go with him, you are guaranteed to gain a great experience.

Dr. Gabi Barkay

Rabbi, Master, a source of inspiration, a benchmark for knowledge and whit. An archaeologist and a guide since the 1960’s, Gabi is a walking encyclopedia on Biblical archaeology, and especially on Jerusalem. For many fields and subjects, much of my knowledge is based on him and his publications. Book a Private Tour with Dr. Gaby Barkai    

Dr. Eyal Miron

Dr. Eyal Miron  is a perfect combination of a scholar and a guide. He wrote and edited several tour books, and is one of the most appreciated lecturer in tour guide courses. He does not have a tourism van, so he can only be ordered for a walking tour, or a tour with transportation+driver. A tour with a Eyal is an unforgetable experience! Book a Private Tour with Dr. Eyal Meiron