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 Danny the Digger Newsletter – Winter 2012
Small finds, Meaningful meanings.

Lately two archaeological expeditions, one in the City of David, and one near Akko,  reported on small finds which have important meaning on the history of the Jewish people in the Holy Land. (read more here, and in Hebrew here).


Repairs and Installments

The recent rains caused floods and landslides in the City of David to the extent that the Herodian period street and tunnel had to be closed for repairs. On the other hand in Herodium a new model was installed. (read more here, and in Hebrew here).


The 2012 Baptism Ceremony.

The traditional Baptism ceremony of the Greek-Orthodox took place this year with more participants then ever (Read more here, and in Hebrew here).


“Google Street View” reached Jerusalem (and my car..)

The media reported already in August 2011 on the arrival of “Google street View” teams to Israel. Recently we documented on another (read more here, and in Hebrew here).


And finally, better late than never.., wishing you all a VERY HAPPY 2012 YEAR!!

– See my latest video clip, on visiting Saint George Monastery here (Hebrew Version here).

– in October 2012 I will guide a special 10 days tour to various archaeological sites and institutions, with guest lecturers like Dr. Gabi Barkai and Prof. Yossi Garfinkel. Contact me to find out more about the tour.