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Temple Mount Architecture

tour to the tmeple mountThe Temple Mount  bears significant history of both Judaism, Christianity and Islam, though  today is presents only Muslim buildings and architecture. The most significant monuments are the Dome of the Rock  and the Al Aqsa Mosque , both built in the Ummayad period.

temple mount al aqsa mosque

The other Muslim structures  in the plaza range from Ummayad period to modern times, and some contain recyceled architectural elements from Jewish  and Crusaders times.

Book a Private Tour to the Temple Mount

The Temple Mount is open to non Muslims only a few hours aof the day, and requires a long wait in security lines.

Contact me for a proposal of a full day tour of Jerusalem, that will include a visit to the Temple Mount.

Points of Interest in the Area

temple mount al aqsa mosque Al-Aqsa Mosque
 tour to the tmeple mount Dome of the Rock
 temple institute Temple Institute
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