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Top 10 DONT DO in Israel


The TEN things you SHOULD NOT DO when touring Israel.

1. Coming with electric appliances‏‎?‎ (phone? Laptop?).  Do not forget to buy an electric converter. You can also buy it in Israel, but why waste time when you are here over looking for it?). The Israeli currency is 220 volts. 

2. Upon arrival in Israel, at the Ben-Gurion air port, DO NOT try to be funny. No statements like “ah.. no bombs today”. They have no sense of humor!

mount of olives camel ride3.  Crowded observation points and markets are the arena of dishonest people. Especially at the top of Mount of Olives. DO NOT leave bags or cameras unattended, and make sure your wallet is deep in your pocket.

4. NEVER leave bags unattended. If not stolen, they could also be suspected as bombs, and will shot by police.

5. Also if  using a car, DO NOT leave luggage inside. It can easily be stolen by braking your window.

6. Using a car?, at car check points make sure you do are NOT entering areas you do not wish to enter.  Gaza is sealed but around the west bank there are many checkpoints. Ask the soldier if you are not sure.

7. If you are going to Holy sites DO NOT dress immodestly. Shoulders and knees MUST be covered, and no cleavage please. It applies to churches, synagogues, the western wall, and especially the temple mount.

8. If you are touring the Golan Heights DO NOT go off paved roads and marked trails. There are many mine fields scattered in the Golan. They are marked, but be on the safe side!

9. You got a driving ticket? DO NOT try to bribe the police man. It doesn’t work here. Just drive according to the rules, and if you get a ticket, pay the fine like a man!.

10. DO NOT order Hummus on pizza. It tastes terrible! Pizza is Pizza, and Hummus is Hummus. The simply don’t mix 🙂

Wish to learn more what to avoid in touring Israel?, wish  to consult with a local? Just contact me.