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Danny The Digger - Israel Private Tours

Teri D., USA

I just returned from my first trip to Israel, where because of business, I had only one day to spend in Jerusalem.

On the recommendation of a colleague and friend, I got in touch with Danny via email, setting up a day with him in Jerusalem. My experience with Danny exceeded all my expectations and provided me with a complex, informed perspective on what at the very least is a complex place.

As a woman traveling solo without her husband, I felt completely comfortable with Danny, and it was clear that he was looking out for my welfare in addition to providing me with an insider’s view of Jerusalem’s Old City.

Danny shared his wealth of knowledge in archeology (he’s an archeologist!), ancient and current politics, religion, culture, and history–my appreciation of Israel and Jerusalem was greatly enriched by the time we spent together.

Danny’s very personable and at ease with those around him; he quite literally knows everyone in the Old City and they know him! It’s a testament to Danny’s character and humanity that during the entirety of our tour, people in all quarters took the time to chat with him AND proudly inform me that I’d had the wisdom to hire “the best Israeli tour guide”! ..

So WHEN I return to Israel, I will definitely engage Danny again–he’s terrific! Thank you so much, Danny! Sincerely, Teri from Wisconsin